Oakland Sewer Testing

Oakland is a city that has a diverse infrastructure; some parts of Oakland are more than 70 years old and they have cast iron sewer pipes. In contrast, the newer parts of the city have PVC or hard plastic as the piping. Sewer system testing is important to ensure that the system is in compliance with city and Alameda County EBMUD codes as well as environmental requirements. Furthermore it’s important to do Oakland sewer testing to ensure that the Bay Area infrastructure is in sound working order. A major part of the infrastructure is the sewage systems; that’s one factor which influences sewer testing in Oakland. We offer fast, thorough and professional Oakland sewer tests to qualify for an Oakland sewer certificate.

Sewer Testing In Oakland Endorsed By State Of California

Oakland sewer testing is required for a wide variety of purposes. For instance, a new construction project, and the disconnection or repair of sewage services. Also an Oakland sewer test is needed for reconnection of a sewer system. All our inspectors and contractors are bonded and have gone through the most stringent training procedures, endorsed by OSHA and the State of California codes.

Get A Sewer Certificate in Oakland

Having the sewer certificate in Oakland is the first step to certifying a sewer system as being in compliance. In addition, before connection to the EBMUD water system, a sewer test Oakland CA is required by state and federal law. Furthermore having a sewer certificate in Oakland California allows any property owner to receive city and county services such as sewer system trench excavation, maintenance and repair of any sewer system and also its continuous maintenance and upkeep.

Get a Sewer Test Oakland, CA

Before the sewer test Oakland CA takes place, all the materials and testing methods meet all California standards, giving our customers the comfort that things are being done in an ethical, legal manner. A standard sewer testing in Oakland pursuant to an Oakland sewer certificate includes:

    • · First locating the sewer system
    • · Opening of all access areas
    • · The running of faucets and flushing of any toilets
    • · Checking for backup or blockages
    • · Inspection and testing of all mechanical parts
    • · Pumping of septic tank if applicable, or high-pressure jetting of sewer pipes

All information is then submitted to the county and the sewer certificate in Oakland California is issued. We create lasting customer relationships by assessing needs then proactively meeting expectations. Contact us today for the best service and rates in Oakland!