The Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance

In Oakland, CA, the new sewer lateral ordinance took effect on January 16, 2012. Also called the PSL ordinance—the sewer lateral ordinance demands an Oakland sewer inspection and sewer testing whenever a home is sold. The PSL also takes effect when there is a remodel of greater value than $100,000, or the water meter size is changed.

Any of these events trigger the application of the sewer lateral ordinance in Oakland. This is to enhance and ensure that the waters of the Bay are clean and hospitable. The Oakland sewer inspection is only judged to be in accordance with the PSL ordinance when an Oakland PSL certificate is issued.

Be Sure Your Sewer Line Will Pass Oakland Sewer Testing

If, after sewer testing, the line is found to fail the standards established by the sewer lateral ordinance in Oakland, then the line must be fixed before an Oakland PSL certificate can be issued.

There are many reasons that may cause the line to fail the test. In Oakland, it is the property owner, whether a business of a private party, that is responsible for the sewer line from the house or business structure to the main sewer line. If this is where the problem lies, it is then the property owner’s responsibility to fix the line before any of the triggering events for the inspection can go forward.

We Offer Reliable Trenchless Sewer Relining In Oakland

Oakland, CA, has been around for a long time and sewer technology has changed considerably during that time. Some of the older sewer lines are made of clay and may have cracked or broken over the years. Root invasion of lines is another issue. Trees naturally seek water through their root systems and sewer lines are extremely attractive to them. When roots enter the line they expand, over time, causing cracks and leaks in the system. In Oakland trees are often planted directly over sewer lines causing the problem of root invasion.

Trenchless Relining Is A Popular Option For Oakland Sewer Replacement

There are only two ways to eliminate the problem and receive the certificate of compliance. The first is to dig out the sewer line and replace it. This is the most costly of the alternatives. The next option is trenchless relining. Trenchless sewer relining in Oakland has become an accepted and efficient method to repair broken or cracked sewer lines.

Trenchless sewer relining in Oakland involves using an auger to clear the system, then insert a liner that will seal any cracks or breaks and still allow a fast and even flow through the pipe. Trenchless relining is done without any excavation and takes far less time and is less expensive than the excavation and replacement method. Call our Oakland office today.